Refuge Music Therapy

Refuge Music Therapy, LLC, was founded in January of 2015 by Danielle Oar, MT-BC. Serving all ages and abilities, and facilitated by board-certified music therapists, Refuge seeks to bring the highest quality of services to the Eugene and Springfield area. Refuge is dedicated to educating the community about music therapy as an evidence-based allied healthcare profession, and presents frequently such as the Arts and Business Alliance, Natural Grocers, etc. Sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch with community events and music therapy in the news.




Providing music therapy to improve the quality of life for individuals of all ages and abilities.


Refuge Music Therapy seeks to improve availability of music therapy services to all. Refuge is based on values such as:


-Protecting the rights of privacy for all

-Creating a safe therapeutic environment


– Unconditional positive regard

Responsibility and Accountability

– Evidence-based practice

– Ethical action in all encounters



(Music Therapy) helps to connect and enhance mood.


Able to bounce back from emotional upsets

After spending a few months with Danielle at Refuge Music Therapy, my daughter seems to be able to bounce back from emotional upsets much quicker than before.


So much fun playing

My son has so much fun playing with new instruments, learning new songs, and exploring the space. We love coming to music group!


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