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Have you ever felt emotionally or physically moved by music? Music is a powerful medium, and when it is facilitated by a trained therapist, it can have a very healing and therapeutic effect. Music has the power to create refuge from pain and physical discomfort. There are many ways that music therapists use music to specifically address pain. Music therapists may use music to directly engage in music through playing instruments or singing, they may direct you through verbal prompting to release tension and breathe with music, and they may integrate the experience of pain into the instrument which then releases the pain from the body. Stress works similarly in the body as pain, often causing muscles to contract and cause tension, and music interventions used for stress and pain are very similar.

Stress and Pain Management in Eugene and Springfield, OR

Live, recorded, and composed music may be used. Sometimes discussion can enrich the experience and increase insight and awareness. Music therapy can be both exploratory and psychoeducational, meaning that it is both a means of free expression as well as an opportunity to learn real strategies to enhance quality of life.




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Your treatment plan does not have to be black and white, medication vs no medication. Pain is an experience unique to each person, and requires an individualized approach. Discuss your treatment plan with your physician before making any changes in medication or alternative treatment.

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