Early Childhood Classes (0-5)

Music therapy is a great way for infants and toddlers to learn vital life skills through developmentally appropriate musical experiences. Music therapists have extensive background in early childhood, and are trained to facilitate experiences that will enhance specific areas development. Refuge Music Therapy, LLC uses the Bright Start curriculum, which was developed and tested by board-certified music therapists at Tallahasse Memorial Hospital in Florida. This evidence-based approach has been implemented throughout the United States by music therapists with specific knowledge of developmental and sensory concerns.

Caregiver’s mood has shown to have a significant impact on bonding and childhood development. Seedlings promotes healthy bonding through facilitated interaction as well as teaching take-home experiences that can improve interactions at home. Children learn through observing and experiencing, and when they see and feel the positive interaction at music class, they begin to recall that positive interaction and initiate play in other environments. The skills learned through musical interaction commonly generalize to other environments.



Families and Children 0-5

This group of classes is designed for children 5 and under, though siblings are welcome as they add a wonderful dynamic to the group. Class sizes are kept small to allow for individualized attention and high-quality interaction without being overloaded with sensory stimulation. The musical experiences target very specific areas of childhood development, but are first and foremost FUN!



Families in our music group learn:

  • Early language skills
  • Fine/gross motor skills
  • Sensory development
  • Emotional regulation
  • Social skills
  • Caregiver-child bonding



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Early Childhood Music Classes in Eugene and Springfield, OR

Children and their caregivers will learn new songs, learn how to bring sensory-enhanced experiences home, and improve musical interaction in their relationship. Resource packets are also available for each series of classes. Parents have the additional benefit of consulting with the music therapist about musical development, and brainstorm ways to make music a positive experience at home. But most of all, it’s FUN! Music should be an enjoyable experience that creates lasting, loving memories.

“I would teach children music, physicas and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” -Plato

Upcoming Classes:





Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Graduates in Eugene and Springfield, OR

Infants that begin life in the NICU may face additional challenges in early development, and may benefit from music therapy groups with a specific focus on development. ┬áInfants have a special relationship with music. One of the first sounds they hear is their mother’s heartbeat, and they are very responsive to rhythm and music. Music helps infants to develop coping skills and resilience to grow. Refuge Music Therapy uses Bright Start curriculum, an evidence-based program developed at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Instruments are provided and sanitized before and after each use to promote optimal health and safety.



Call 541-231-7239 for a free 15 minute consultation!



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