Saplings MT (2-5 yrs)

Our Saplings music therapy class is a great outlet and resource for kids 2-5 years old and their parents. Siblings welcome. Music therapists have extensive background in early childhood development, and are trained to facilitate experiences that will enhance specific areas development. We do so much more than sing or play. Children will explore instruments in new ways, increase awareness about themselves and their surroundings, and develop a lasting positive relationship with music beyond what sounds “pretty”.

“I would teach children music, physicas and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” -Plato


Saplings in our music group learn:

  • Social skills
  • Language development
  • Emotional expression
  • Higher cognitive functioning
  • Fine/gross motor skills
  • Behavioral support
  • Creativity
  • Family bonding

Saplings (2-5)

Saplings are entering into an amazing part of life where they ask the existential question: “how much can I do?” Music offers a unique outlet to explore such questions. In the Sapling’s class, there’s no “right” way of playing. Each exploration of music and instruments is a valid exploration of their environment. Children are unbelievably clever and creative, and can find a dozen different ways to play a drum without having to give much thought. They simply need the opportunity to engage in this creative play. Music therapy is well-informed on childhood development and what children can enjoy through music. Did you know that children are not usually developmentally ready to learn to read sheet music or play “correctly” at this age? The Sapling’s class will offer joyous experiences of exploration and learn vital life skills. Saplings will have unique experience with music that is centered in fun, growth, and relationships.

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