Childbirth + Music Therapy

Birthing Services

Childbirth is an experience unique to each family. At Refuge Music Therapy, we strive to honor each family’s journey, and provide the best experience possible in preparing to grow your family. We serve as advocates during your experience, to ensure your voice is heard and honored. Our services are available from pregnancy through post-partum.

Whether you choose an at-home, birthing center, or hospital setting, you will be cared for with the utmost respect. Music can have such a profound effect on the experience of birth when facilitated by trained professionals. We hope you find the information you need here, and have a joyous journey towards parenthood!

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Why Music Therapy?

Music therapists are skilled in the use of music. We understand the neurological perception of music and how it blocks pain perception, and we also understand the aesthetic experience of music. Music therapists can also advocate for your preferences respectfully and strive to maintain your dignity. We have a family-centered approach, so no one feels like the third wheel. We’ll give you and your birthing partner the tools you need to feel empowered, and will be there to support you in multiple ways throughout the process. We can be there for you through the earliest phases of pregnancy as well, providing emotional support and empowering you in your choices.


How Does It Work?

Initial Consultation
Let’s start with a phone call. It’s free, confidential, and you can ask any question that comes to mind with 0% judgement. If music therapy sounds like a good fit for you and your growing family, then we’ll begin with a 1-2 hour initial meeting where we’ll learn from each other. I’ll learn about your needs, and you’ll learn generally how you can use music in your experience.

We’ll meet several times after the initial consult to go over your practice materials, adjust the plan if needed, and then keep in touch until it’s time for baby. You may even choose to write your own lullaby with your music therapist to sing together for the first few tender moments with your baby.
The Big Day
When baby is ready to make his or her big debut, you can contact the music therapist and we will meet promptly at your chosen birthplace. We’ll go over what we practiced and review your birthplan (with an extra copy for your healthcare team), and strive to have the most memorable and rewarding experience possible.

After your baby arrives, we’ll stay with you until you feel settled, then check in a few days later. We can support you with post-partum care as well, providing you with tools to use music to bond with your baby and support his or her neurological development. You can reach out to your music therapist any time post-partum for support months or even years after you feel our journey together is complete. We also have a variety of early childhood music therapy groups here!

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