Grief + Music Therapy

Are you grieving the loss of a child, partner, parent, grandparent, other family member, friend or experienced a miscarriage? It takes time to grieve the loss of someone close to you. When the loss feels like too much to hold on your own, it’s time to get help. Grief is an experience that is universal, yet is unique to each person. Many life events and situations can contribute to a grieving experience, and a qualified professional will be able to guide you through your grieving process at your pace in a way that honors your experience. There are many qualified professionals in the Eugene area, and Music Therapy can help the process to express and explore emotions.


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Challenges with grieving may look like:

  • Feeling extremely sad about the loss
  • Having difficulty sleeping due to busy thoughts about the loss
  • Unable to move through the typical stages of grief
  • Unable to talk about the loss to family or friends
  • Experiencing grief for a loved one diagnosed with terminal illness
  • Feeling like you need additional support

Grief Help in Eugene and Springfield, OR

Grief is not limited to the death of a loved one. There are certain situations or experiences that may benefit from emotional support with a trained professional. The loss of physical functioning or limbs, career, relationships, cognitive functioning, an aging parent, identity, and so on.

Your music therapist will give you caring, quality care while you work through this loss. You will not be pressured to “get over it” or move through the grief faster than you are able. Open communication will create a trusting and healing environment. Music therapists understand the meaning of symbolism, and sometimes use this as a tool in the grief process to validate the experience, and create transitions through the process. Whether creating a playlist representing their loved one, or creating their own ceremony to commemorate their loss, the music therapist creates a safe environment where the experience is honored and respected.

Call 541-231-7239 for a free 15 minute consultation.

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